Installing Linux on PC Engines Alix2d13 (part 2.5)

After publishing I rea­li­zed that I could have sup­plied more infor­ma­tion, and more down­lo­ads, than I did in my pre­vious post.

Here are links to pat­ched ver­sions of Debian netboot.tar.gz (stable/Squeeze, testing/Wheezy and daily build), all down­lo­a­ded and pat­ched today, 2011-05-10:

I have also made a diff file for the stable mod.

What my script does, basi­cally, is this:

  1. Untar the tar­ball and cd to debian-installer/i386/boot-screens/ where all changes are made.

  2. In the file syslinux.cfg (which is actu­ally a file with PXELINUX con­fi­gu­ra­tions) two lines are added:

    1. serial 0 38400—tel­ling PXELINUX to use ttyS0 for I/O (i.e. as console).

    2. con­sole 0—do not try to use any video console

  3. In the files adtxt.cfgrqtxt.cfg and txt.cfg sub­sti­tute any occu­rence of vga=788 for ttyS0,38400n8. This is done in order to tell the ker­nel that:

    1. There is no graphic/video console

    2. The con­sole that should be used is the first serial port, and with the spe­ci­fied settings.

This is a simp­li­fi­ca­tion, since my script also inclu­des a vari­able for the num­ber of the serial port, in case your con­sole is not on ttyS0. I have not inclu­ded any such con­ve­ni­ence regar­ding speed and other set­tings for the serial port chosen.

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